Making Decisions

Often there are many decisions we have to make in life. One that might affect us directly, or one that might affect those around us, especially those that we love.

I find this very difficult.

Every decision I make has to be well thought out, or it simply needs to have a reasonable logic behind it. Although sometimes we may make emotional ones.

Making decisions can be hard. Especially if you don’t know which options to choose, which one will be the best one for us or what other things can happen.

I am facing this obstacle all the time. Whether that is making a decision to leave my family to live in another country, another state, making career decisions choosing one job over the other, making decisions to pursue a Ph.D. degree or join the workforce. Life decisions are hard. Talk to your best friend and they still can’t help you decide. This is because ultimately it still comes down to “you”.  You get to decide.

Making decisions can be tough. But my overall advice is to stay focus. Think of one thing you wanted to accomplish and do that first. And be specific. For example, I knew I wanted to get a master degree and have a career focus on international relations. So, I moved to another state and pursued that. Every decision I made comes with great cost and sacrifice because we might be wondering what else can I be doing right now? What is the opportunity cost? Then I think, all the decisions I made had a purpose. There was a reason why I moved, who I meet, what opportunities arises for me. As time goes by I start to realize why all things are the way they are. Maybe it’s all in the hands of God. Have a little faith. It will all work out.

#staypostive #yougotthis

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