7 signs God is talking but you are not listening


I got a call from my mother saying that she really felt the need to pray for me yesterday morning. I remember getting a call but I was too deep in sleep to answer. Actually I was dreaming. I had what I’d consider a very bad dream, based on my interpretation. (I use Christian Dream Symbols website for biblical dream interpretation)

While I appreciated her praying for me. I wondered why I didnt feel alerted to pray for myself. I mean God speaks to her, and God speaks to me. Did I miss his voice? Why didn’t I feel led to answer the phone if it’s something to bless me?

This morning, that led me to this article on the 7 signs God is talking but you are not listening.

It made me smile because I can honestly say I’ve experienced all seven of these at some point in life. For example, 3 of the recent ones:

  • God gives me ideas and initiatives at work to share with colleagues, things that I wouldnt have come up with by myself (#6 thoughts that comes to mind)
  • Just last week I got $5 off my order at the grocery store and a free smoothie swipe (acts of kindness #3)
  • Something I read in the bible was something my mom happened to mention yesterday, confirming how I felt about what I read (studying the scriptures #2)

But I think I’ve been experiencing it less often these days, mainly because I haven’t spent enough time with him, especially in prayer.

Prayer is a dialogue. It’s not a case where you speak, say “Amen” and that’s that. You speak, he responds. He speaks, you respond. God speaks through an ever-flowing stream of thoughts, he speaks through feelings (impressions on the heart), he speaks through visions of the night (dreams), he speaks through nature and he speaks through other people. Any thing or person can carry a message from God. (See 8 ways God speaks with us today)

It’s up to us to listen by being CALM, being SILENT, focusing wholly on Him, entering into His presence and write down what comes to mind. If we’re surrounded by constant noise, how are we gonna focus and hear what he’s saying? Whatever you write down that is good is of God, whatever is is bad is obviously not of God.

I haven’t been doing much listening lately. Just a lot of speaking. I’m going to listen more, so next time I don’t miss the signal.

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