Starting last month, I started meditating. I can not remember the last time I took time out of my day to meditate. My friend who practices meditation and went to a meditation camp tried to influence me to mediate but I always say “nahhhh~” because I know I will just fall asleep.

But this time, I wanted to give it a try. So she sent me an email to download an app. I thought to myself, yeah why not download it and try.

On the apple store, it is called, Insight Timer.

You can download it and have friends add you as well as mediate together even when you are not next to each other. There are also challenges like meditate 365 days. Or even shows you people who live in the same/nearby cities as you who are meditating. It interesting the number of people who are mediating throughout the day.

Here is what my stats look so far since I have only been using it for a couple of weeks. You can see your progress, how many time you meditate during the day, for how long and view it by days, weeks and month. You can set a reminder in case you forget. Haha.

One morning I was mediating but to find out my friend was too!? it was a wonderful feeling knowing we both mediated together even when we are thousands of miles apart and it was unplanned.

Mediation to me has been great. I tried to mediate as much as I can, before I go to bed or when I wake up in the morning to stretch. Sometimes from 15 minutes to 2 hours including my basu sound effect to keep me focused. It has been a healing process as well as a spiritual process for me. Taking the time to focus, to keep my mind stable, and to self-discipline. I hope I can make this my new habit.

Did you know? Mediation can help develop a stable and relaxed mental focus that will enhance the quality of our daily lives. It can Increase mental sharpness and flexible thinking while creating greater ease, insight, and joy.

So if you were like me and keep saying nah~ give it a try. Maybe it can help you relax, help you breathe, or even sleep better. It is peaceful. #meditate #focusmind


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