Job Hunting for International Students 101 Part 4 – Career Fairs will save you

Hello, welcome to the Job Hunting for International Students Series. I will give some tips on how you as a 4 year-degree seeker can secure a job after college.


Part 4: Career Fairs will save you


So, a career fair is coming up! Yay! It’s time to get ready.


  1. Get your suit ironed and ready to go. You want to look like you want the job. Black, grays, or dark blues are preferable, with dark coloured shoes.
  2. Print copies of your completed, edited, perfected resume (see Part 2 of the Series), depending on how big the fair is. 10 is a good number because after talking to 10 recruiters, I’m sure you will be tired!
  3. Get a nice looking folder to hold your resumes and the business cards you plan on collecting.
  4. Work on your elevator pitch. This is a quick introduction of yourself, what you study, anything interesting you’ve done academically (like study abroad) and what you are looking for, all under 30 seconds. This is what you will use when you go up to a recruiter. Work with your career counsellor with this. Practice is with friends and perfect it.

    I’ll share a little secret: when you meet someone face to face, the brain actually assesses the person within 10 seconds. 10 seconds, this is true, to determine whether you like someone or not. So it’s best to start of confident and friendly.


Now you are prepared. So when you go up to a recruiter:


  1. Give a firm handshake. Introduce yourself with your elevator pitch. Smile your best smile.
  2. He or she will ask you for your resume and will ask a series of questions, most likely. Keep your answers concise and conversational!
  3. Interview them. Remember you are also trying to see if the company is right for you. Don’t be afraid to drill them with questions, that’s what they are here for.
  4. Request a business card. It’s not uncommon for them to say no, but you should at least ask for it. Because you will need it to follow up.


Remember the networking series? Your recruiter is now in your network. Send a follow up email that you were glad to meet them, and if there is anything else you need to do, let you know.

Job Hunting for International Student Series:


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