Job Hunting for International Students 101 Part 3 – Networking

Hello, welcome to the Job Hunting for International Students Series. I will give some tips on how you as a 4 year-degree seeker can secure a job after college.

Part 3: Networking

The truth is, most jobs are attained through networking, simply because people tend to remember a face and a conversation more than a piece of paper. Please see and view the tips for networking.


  1. Make a list of all the career fairs in your area. You can do this by google searching ‘career fair Michigan’ are something like that.
  2. Talk to your career counselor about any events where you are meet professional (for example, K College has quarterly Passions to Professions where you can have a conversation with a professional from various fields)
  3. LinkedIn is your best friend. You can search for recruiters from your field and send them a message via linkedIn or email introducing yourself, and asking some questions about the company – hire dates, type of jobs offered, visa sponsorship etc.
  4. If you met a professional in any field, even the ones you are disinterested in, don’t forget to follow up with them with a quick email! Chances are, he or she knows people in other fields and can get you connected with someone in your field.


Tip: SIGN UP FOR MEETUPS.COM. Here you can find several networking events going on in your area.

Tip: Print your own business cards for distribution at networking events. You can do so at

Sample networking emails are listed here:


Job Hunting for International Student Series:


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