Capsule letters 

I dare you! Challenge you! Take a piece of paper and start writing.

Have you heard of capsule letters? They are letters to your future self or possible future people you will meet.

My capsule letters started in 9th grade of high school. My gym teacher made us write letters to our future self, well the 12 the grade self. In the next four years what would we like to see happen, what can the future possibly hold, and advice we will give ourselves.
And that he will keep it for us until we are graduating and to visit him so we can see how much has changed. I was curious as to what the future will look like. If college was on my mind, or what kind of jobs will I have since being work-oriented was always on my mind.

Sadly I never went back for my letter but was motivated to write my own letters. Recently I wrote one a year ago to my future partner. I didn’t know how long it will take me to give it to him but I kept it anyway. I also wrote one to myself, a 25-year-old Sana, a 30-year-old Sana and etc. then I would set a date as to when I want it to be open, set a reminder on google calendar about an opening date for the capsule letter. It’s always exciting to see what I write about my future self because I often forget about it or write really good stories to teach me lessons from my past. Good advice I tell ya.

Anyways….start writing and who knows you may even surprise your future self how good of a writer you are.

#capsuleletters #futureself #writer

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