Saving doesn’t make you rich

I was deep in turbotax doing my taxes for 2016. I made an error, and my MD tax owed was significantly higher that my DC tax return. The very FIRST thought was “oh my gosh my savings are going to be wasted on taxes.”

This got me thinking about the fake IRS call I got on Monday. Scammers stating that I owe an absurd amount and need to pay today or else I go to jail. Before it clicked in my head that something isn’t quite right with this phone call, my VERY FIRST thought was ‘oh my gosh, my entire US life/schooling/career is all a waste because I’ll go back home empty handed (meaning, no money) AND with a criminal record’. Money first, criminal record second, hmm.

Money money money. Something I think about constantly, every single day. I wonder if I have enough, and if not how do I get more?

And while I’m saving for more, how much can my current savings last me for? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? With or without a job? In a 1st world or 3rd world country? I ALWAYS think about that.

So back to turbotax. Now I’m in a calculating, money-driven state of mind. Thinking about upcoming expenses. Things I shouldn’t have bought to offset the amount I’d have to pay for things I want, and unexpected expenses, like taxes. How to make up for lost money to get back to ground zero, then work my way up. But I feel like I’m always at ground zero with my savings and expenses. I mean, I’m saving, but I’m not saving enough, or better yet, not saving fast enough. Then I realized that saving money doesn’t make you rich.

Basic Econ 101 right? 🙂

Forgive me if I’m late to this bandwagon, or if I have completely forgotten how to think critically, but I quite literally realized (that snap your finger, lightbulb over the head type of scenario) that in efforts to become rich, saving isn’t the answer. While I’m sure you could be rich with savings, I’d say it’s not the best way at all. Money saved is essentially money to be spent somewhere down the line. The purpose of saving is simply to stay out of debt, and to survive for a while if you lose your job. Think rich, think investments. WOW how comes that never occurred to me? And I went to college! Shame on me.

What is being rich anyway? In my opinion, it’s being able to buy whatever I want, whenever I want, with surplus of money left over. Maybe your opinion is different.

But you know, now that I think about it, I’ve never every googled ‘how to get rich’. I’ve googled ‘how to save’ and ‘how to invest’. Maybe riches isn’t what I want? Maybe it’s total independence. Perhaps that’s impossible though, since we are all dependent on money as the bottom line, anyway. (Independence from people vs independence from things….let’s leave that topic for another day.)

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I’d like to be rich. I don’t have to, but I’m not gonna deny some extra pocket money if you know what I mean. I’ve been caught up so much in keeping what I have, maybe I should be focused on letting it go. Smartly of course. Smartly letting go. Or logically letting go. LLG?

Maybe investments will be my new obsession…..research here I come.



On another note, I think this concept also applies to daily living. Bear with me here as I try to be deep. I, personally, focus heavily on trying to make my life stable in all aspects. Trying to keep the good and reject the bad, with an intense level of stubbornness. For example: a)If it’s not important to me right NOW, then I don’t care about it. b)If I need to do xyz right according to THIS schedule, then that’s how it’s gonna be. Maybe it’s time for me to let go of stability once in a while, because the after-effects are not resulting in what I truly want. Take a risk and see where it leads. Smart risks of course. With, at least, some level of logic.


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  1. Yes I think of getting rich too! Reccommend reading “rich dad poor dad”. Awesome book about this kind of thought on savings and investment. #moneyisonmymind


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