Birthday Celebrations

It’s My Birthday!

I have never celebrated my birthday for a whole week, but this year I did. Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday whether that is on Facebook, private message, Skype, text message or phone call. I am thankful and happy.

My celebration started with my homies in New York City. After waiting in line at Lady M, the cashier told us that they are cutting the line so I did not get a piece of my green tea cake but that is okay there is always the next time. If you had not had Lady M, go get some cake/crepes there. It is delicious!

So we walked over to Caffe Bene and I got a nice thick chocolate cake. As a foodie, we ate at a fabulous Korean restaurant afterward. I like Korean BBQ, jajangmyeon, jap chae and Bibimbob. So I decided to eat Bibimbob. I’m kind of picky so I like the cold version without the hot stone pot and they had it!!! The waiter was super nice and service was great.

After arriving home with the homies, they threw me a surprise cake celebration and sang me a wonderful song. My tears were coming. I loved my friends so much. They poured me a nice glass of wine.

Then after arriving back home, my amazing roommate also celebrated my birthday. We went to Cheese Cake Factory and I had steak. I always strive to eat steak on my birthday because I do not usually eat steak every day. I had the hibachi steak and it was delicious. With my tiramisu cheesecake, the waiters and waitress came out to sing me a happy birthday song.

The day after my very good friend from school came out on a dinner date with me to celebrate my birthdate with two lovely men. It was a very enjoyable night to have new love ones by my side. And I ate Thai food! I love all sorts of Asian food but Thai food is one of my favorites of the favorites. Afterwards, I went to a piano bar, where there are live music and piano players. My friends requested a birthday song and an additional song for me. It was touching having the whole bar singing and clapping. I never had anything like this happen so it was a great night.

And ending the weekend with my wonderful friends that I made in China, eating all my favorite dish at a Chinese restaurant. I ate braised beef, green beans, tofu, eggplants, General Tao’s chicken, Sichuan dumplings and drank nice hot tea.

And of course, Happy Birthday to my other half! My twin sister. We got to Facetime and talked for hours.

I got to spend my birthday with very important people in my life this year and am grateful to have these individuals in my life. It was a birthday full of fun, laughter, smiles, tears of happiness, awesome conversations and good food plus memories.

Thank you! #happy #friendsforlife #feelingloved

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