Painting in New York City

While visiting my friends in New York, I had the privilege to attend a painting class at Painting Lounge Midtown Site. It was a really enjoyable experience. If you are in town and are thinking of things to do, consider painting. Plus, you can bring your own wine and drink while you paint, for those wine lovers. And Beyoncé’s music was playing.

First, I thought no, I suck at painting. But then I was up for a challenge. So, you never know. You will be surprised as to what you can do with art. Plus there’s an instructor who can is teaching you and you’re not just winging it.

We first looked online to see which picture we wanted to paint and reserved our seats for the next day. Our instructor was really nice and enthusiastic. She paints and is an actress. She was fun and made sure that if we messed up our painting, it will be okay.

First, you paint the background starting with the sky. Then you paint the pink ground for the bottom half of the painting. After making sure the canvas is full, you can slowly paint in the trees. Make sure to start with small trees then add more paint if needed. We mixed colored for the pink trees and then we painted in the green bush and leaves on the ground. It was a messy painting.

The feature image is my painting. It’s not the best but it turned out better than I thought.

#gottopaint #fridayfunday

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