One of my friends recommended this app for me to try. It’s basically an app that you use to get cash back from your previous purchases, kind of like a saving app.

To elaborate, for example, let say I went grocery shopping. I would use the app and scan the barcodes of all the items that I am purchasing to see if they are items on the apps that can give me some money back. I usually do it at home after I make my purchases to see which items qualify, but doing it at the store can give you perks because you can view items on the app and try to find it in the store to guarantee you will get some money on this item. After you make your purchases, you want to scan your item again in the app then also keep your receipt because you need to take a picture of it and the app will approve you for your purchases.

Over time, I was able to get $0.25 for my eggs or $1.00 for my Häagen-Dazs

ice cream, and etc. After you reach a $20.00 minimum in the cash back, you can transfer it to your pal pay account.

Yesterday I reached my $20.00 limit on all my previous purchases and was successfully able to get my money. I was so happy because this app actually worked.


  • Get money back on your purchases
  • It’s money
  • There are more stores that have partnered with Ibotta that you can choose from


  • It takes a long time to reach $20.00 minimum if you do not shop much
  • You need a PayPal account
  • Sometimes even spending on a lot of things, they are not the items in the app


But overall, I highly recommend downloading the app and trying it because why not get some money back for things you buy. #getthatmoney

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