My Simple Breakfast

Who doesn’t want a good breakfast? Sometimes when I am hungry and I needed something quick and easy. This is my recipe for something delicious.

Tortilla wraps
Salt & Oil

What you want to do first is gather all your ingredients listed above.
Take out a frying pan and pour some oil in it to fry the eggs. I usually fried two eggs.
Then put some salt on your eggs.

After your eggs are fried, put it on a plate and put one tortilla on the pan to warm it up. After its warm put it on the plate and use a knife or spoon to spread some hummus on the tortilla.

Transfer the egg to the tortilla. Cut up some avocado and put it on top of your eggs in the wrap. Then sprinkle some cheese on it.

Roll the tortilla into a roll and make the second one.

And Wall la. It’s that’s simple. And delicious. Enjoy.

I should have made a video for this. Maybe next time.


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