Fun Games?! You got to play!

So here are the games that I played with my friends on Friendsgivings. I highly recommend you buy them from Amazon or something and play it. It is the best games to laugh and be silly, but also to BRING YO GAME ON!


This first one is called MAD GAB.

It is a game where you split into two teams (Team 1 and Team 2) and you time each other for 30 seconds each. Team 1 goes first. One person holds the cards and the rest of the people try to guess it. They will have to read what the cards say and try to guess what is it really trying to say. And once their time is up, Team 2 goes. After like 6 rounds, each team can count how many cards they got it right and they ultimately win.


The second game is called Spot it.

There are two ways to play it, but I will teach you the way how I know to play it. This game is to match the pictures on your cards to the center card and whoever does it the fastest, meaning they ran out of cards then they win. So you start off by handing out all the cards evenly to the numbers of players. Then one person starts by placing a card in the middle, and everyone looks at it. If they find a match for an image on their card to the center they place the card in the middle shouting out what is that image and the game continues. This can get intense really fast. So beware.



And finally, this last game is called Phase 10. It requires thinking just so you know. And it is a little complicated to explain it here, but you can read the directions. Your goal is to follow the rules for each of the round or also known as a phase. And if a person wins, you add up all your cards and keep track after each round. After the 10 phase, you calculate the points to see who ultimately wins. I got second place for a starter, so get competitive for this one.

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