The Young Christian

Everything I know about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit is because of my mother.

In my eyes she was the perfect Christian. Even though I know everyone has flaws, to me she was perfect. I couldn’t find anything that she ever did or said wrong. I always had that thought until I was well into my college years.

My mom would have a family devotion every Saturday. We would sing, read the Bible and pray on our knees, of course. The youngest would pray and end with the oldest. Of course, I’m the youngest so I always went first, and daddy would go last, even though mommy is a few days older. But dad had to go last because he is the man of the house.

My mom taught my sister and I the Lord’s prayer and told us to recite it at night. Although she never came to check on us if we did it, more often than not, I said mine. She also taught us a song to memorize all books of the Bible. When we went to church on Sundays, and they asked us to turn to our Bibles, I was always proud of how quickly I could find the verse, and that’s because of mommy’s teaching. I really admired her love for God. I greatly admired how even though she went through a LOT of  bad things, she still smile at the end knowing that God will take care of it. I really didn’t understand her faith, but I admired it even at that age.

I was around the age of 12 or 13 when my mom told my sister and I that we didn’t have to come to church any more if we didn’t want to, and that it is our choice. My mommy was my favourite, so of course I went with her anyway. My sister decided to go to Daddy’s church, and occasionally come to mommy’s church. It’s not typical for a household to go to 2 different churches, but for us it was normal. In Jamaica, it’s very often you find wives very active in church and their husbands don’t go to church. With us it was good that Daddy went to church, though not as often as Mommy. I think that may be because spirituality is such an emotional experience in life, and men tend to be lacking in that area.

I said the sinner’s prayer (the prayer that you say when you want to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior) so many times in life. The first time was when I was 8. I said it at school and my throat felt heavy. When I got home I said it again. Then I ran to mommy and told her “Mommy I accepted Christ and I felt him go down my throat!”. She laughed and laughed. I said it again at 15 at home with my mom, I think it was Benny Hinn or Joel Osteen. I said the prayer and she was SO happy for me she was jumping and hugging me! I said it again in church at 15 and got baptized at 16.

Mom told me of most of her spiritual experiences growing up. It was when I was 18 and about to go to college she told me that she wished for me to know God for myself. At the time I didn’t understand why she said that when I was already filled with the Spirit, could speak in tongues and went to church regularly on my own will. I didn’t understand until freshman year of college – when a fresh wave of revival hit my soul. I’ll leave that topic for another post 🙂

Thank you mommy for introducing me to Jesus and a sound prayer life. As a result, I have the life I have today.

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