The Young Engineer

Last week I posted about my dad and finances. This week I’d like to post about my dad and what he taught me about critical thinking.

Growing up I was always surrounded my computers, because of my dad’s interest. He was an engineer and so he was interested in physics, mathematics and computer science. I always looked up to him as the smartest man in the world. And I wanted to be like him.

He took notice of my interest and so, he taught me chess using an online program he made. He also taught me solitaire. In that way I learnt basic computer functions and developed a real interest in math (he also taught me sudoku).

Whenever he came home with a new laptop or a new computer, he would say “Kayan, go and set this up”. By ‘set this up’ he meant connect all the components to the internet and create any accounts he wanted. He never showed me how, but left it in my hands to do my own research and figure out how. I loved it. This started when I was 8. This was not limited to just computers. This applied to anything – like a new table, chairs, a new TV, bicycles – anything that requires some level of set up, he would leave it in my hands along with the instruction manual.

Aside from this, my dad was a philosophical person as well. We’d have fun banters going back and forth about abstract topics for example:

“If tomorrow is today, then what is today and what is yesterday”

Sometimes I would win at these games. But I think it’s because he let me :). Also, since I studied physics, he’d also through some physics questions in there, which I never win at.

From this experience I became very good at doing things on my own and thinking things through. In a way, I was a mini engineer. Everything I know about critical thinking was because of my dad’s influence.



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