Braidlocs and Sisterlocs

I REALLY love the look of sisterlocs. But no i’m not paying $600-$700 to get them installed.


So I’ve started my own set of micro braidlocs. Whether I’ll keep them or not is really the big question. But for now, it’s a lot easier to wash and handle especially since I’m dealing with dry scalp and dandruff issues. Having it in braidlocs has been simplifying my life as bit, seeing that wash time is very short, and drying time is minimal as well.

I’m on the fence on whether or not I should put in crochet braids over my locs (just to switch it up) or I should just let my hair be and focus on a healthy scalp, like it was back in Jamaica.

Here’s a before picture of my afro


Here’s a video on my newly installed locs!

It was hard getting the grid pattern seeing that I didn’t use a mirror for the back, but I think I did a pretty good job.

Of course shrinkage will be unavoidable.

Next video I’ll show how I make a faux bun for those lazy days.

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