The New African American Museum

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of going to the African American Museum. Here are my thoughts!

  1. FINALLY a museum I can relate to! It was VERY crowded
  2. They need more bathrooms
  3. Half hour wait to get to the history section
  4. Obama!!!
  6. They had an entire section dedicated to music and dance. This was really inspiring.
  7. Went through the history section. They had several ramps dedicated to different times in history
    1. Slavery. I actually learnt a lot here about the term ‘African American’. It is an accurate term. Though I do know some black americans that prefer to identify as just’American’ rather than ‘African American’, we, as black people outside of Africa, ARE the diaspora, whether we like it or not. We are innately African. Although I don’t call myself ‘African Jamaican’, in my opinion, it would be an accurate term. #thisismyopinion
    2. Growing up, I’ve always learnt about slavery from a CARIBBEAN/JAMAICAN perspective.  I’ve NEVER before thought of slavery from an African American perspective. In my head, a Black American was still an American, and therefore was still privileged, and therefore detached from my own self. But really, a black American is no different from a Jamaican in terms of ancestry. I’d probably find a ton of distant cousins here and there.
    3. The civil war
    4. Female Empowerment
    5. Blacks in the Media (An Oprah section! And an Oprah theatre (which was closed))
    6. 1980’s till now
    7. It was very inspiring to see the progression of black people all ver the world, especially in America. Right now there’s a BIG divide between rich blacks and poor blacks. But compared to where we once were, it’s a big improvement on a societal level.

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