I’m telling y’all! STEP IT UP!

Step it UP!

Ready for a new challenge? Every day I check my email about 20-30 times I would say. Interestingly, we would think that with social media and all, an email will eventually die out, but nope, it is still a powerful tool. Back to where I was going with the challenge, there was an email about Step it up USA! As Y’all know, I love my Fitbit very much, now that I got new bands for them, it doesn’t look like a Fitbit at all, more like a legit watch. I use the Fitbit to track my steps for the #StepitupUSA Challenge. It was a challenge by a Surgeon General who wanted to get all of America to get moving.

50 States. 2 weeks. 1 Challenge.

America, get ready to walk as much as possible.

This challenge will be October 13-26th.  So y’all still have time to Step It Up!

I was motivated to walk as much as I can with #StepitupUSA and wanted to give a shout out to walkers out there. It’s easy to press the elevator button, it’s easy to ride the escalator, it’s easy to sit down all day. I’ll admit, even I do it too. But what I am saying is that walking should be a normal activity that we do without having to think. If we don’t make our steps count, who will?

If we don’t walk, what’s the point of having legs? Just kidding, but more likely we are a new society adapted to the idea of being health conscious and active. Only we can decide what our body will become. Only we have the power to heal, grow stronger and healthier. So start walking.

Here is my progress so far from the other day.


Now check this out!

Sayyyyy whaaaaattt? Forreals.


Michelle Obama! Yeah! Who doesn’t love her?



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