In Memory of My Loving Grandmother

Rest in peace, Grandma.

“You are so chubby.” She would say. “Eat some food.” She would tell me. “When are you heading back to school?” She would ask me.

Every time I headed home and she would visit my family, she always tells me to study hard and become a leader. This is because there were no opportunities for her growing up, especially as a woman in a developing country. The word “Opportunity” did not exist for her. She wanted me to have a world with education, prosperity and success. She gave me a lot of hope because of her inspirational stories and always kept her eyes on the prize.

Although she did not quite understand what it means to go to school, she did educate us in another aspect of our lives. She taught us how to be selfless, to give all that you love to the one you love, especially family. She raised many children that was not her own, she worked day in and out to support others and made sure everyone was fed. On the very last night of the funeral service, we have a tradition of staying up the entire night and bow. We have incense in our hands, and crossed our legs so we can sit on the floor. This ceremony is to seek blessing from our grandmother as we listen to traditional songs that would teach us meanings to life. What her last words could have been and what she wants to leave behind for us.

She wanted us to lead a good life, one that will make others proud of us, one that sets us up for leaderships and respect. She wanted us to be faithful in our relationship, and to stay away from bad habits like gambling. She wanted us to be loving. She left us blessings, love, prosperity and hopes for a life we desire.

My loving grandmother was one of the strongest women I have known. She was very selfless, and loved her family very much. She gave everything she had. Her strength, her labor, her money, and her time.

My grandmother was more than just a grandma. Her love was bigger than the skies, and deeper than the sea. She stayed faithful and loyal to grandpa, even though he passed when she was in her 20’s. She was afraid no one will love us as much as she would if she was to get remarried. She cleaned the house, wash the dishes, and lived very peacefully. She was also our second mother.

Rest in peace, Grandma. For I will always remember you in my heart. #09/20/16

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