Henna? Say whaaaa…


What is Henna and why do people do it?

According to Silks and Stone, Henna is a form of art practiced over 5000 years in Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East.

Check here to learn more about the history of henna.

“It is often used to cool down the body as well as used to decorate the body as henna stains remains on one’s skin. Henna is used for many reasons like self-expression, celebration of special occasion like weddings and birthdays, beauty, medicinal use, blessing and well-being. Henna is a flowering plant and the leaves of henna are then dried and crushed into fine power. It is mixed into a creamy paste and then used on the skin. Henna tend to last 1-4 weeks depending and it works on all skin types.”

My love for henna started in middle school. Bollywood movies were inspirational when it came to designs and art. I remember sitting in my living room and watching the scene where the bride walks down the stairs. She wears a beautiful dress, big nose ring, and lots of jewelry. She would then sit and get her henna done. The henna is so beautiful and this scene is epic because it has singing and dancing and everyone is bonding over her wedding.

Want to try Henna?

Here is how I got my henna at a low cost. If you go to a store, it can cost $5-$20 for a simple design. I recommend, get artsy and DYI! Do it yourself. And if you messed up, it’s okay, it will go away. Try again.

I bought my henna on eBay. Here is the link I bought mine. It might not be the best henna, but it’s cheap and it works for me. Because it is cheap, it takes a while to ship, so buy it today.

After it arrived in the mail, I would look up different designs on google, or watch other henna artists’ videos, to get inspiration on creating my own designs.

I like to mesh different designs from different google images and create unique ones. And if I cannot get a design to be what I want, I doodle and it usually turns out to be a unique design.

After you draw your henna designs on your hands, feet or body, let it dry completely. Then you can slowly wash it off. There you go! You got yo self some henna.

Here are the ones I did so far. Hopefully, I can become a henna artist myself someday. Hope you enjoy them! #henna #dyi #artzy

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