Who are you? Tell me in 2 sentences!

Recently in one of my classes, we have to write a story about ourselves. It was actually a simple task but a hard assignment. This is because it is only two-page double space. How can I possibly fit my life story on two pages? I am much more than two pages. The goal of this assignment was learning how to produce one’s own narratives but also concise. Our focus on narratives has been very enlightening because narratives are powerful. They are very similar to a trailer for a movie. They are about people with personalities, stories, and a strong plot. Which bring up this ted talk titled “The danger of a Single Story.”


Here is a ted talk that talk about writing stories and why they matter.

Ted Talk – The danger of a Single Story Chimamanda Ngozi

Chimamanda is an amazing woman. You should see her bio here. She talks about being a writer and how she develops her frame for her story. Some important points that she brings up in her talk are that you should write about things you recognized. Use imagination. And that very fact that stories matter. No story is too big too small, no story is dumb, it all matters.


Try writing your own narrative. You will be surprised as to what you can learn about yourself. What event, connection, the story reveals who you think you are. What made you into the you “now.” What are your drive and passion? What is your purpose?


After submitting my two-page assignment, we also followed up with a writing workshop with Miranda. Here is a link to learn more about her. Super talented writer and author. This was incredibly fun and engaging. We formed groups into 3-4 and read out our story out loud to each other. But there are rules. Each person reads out loud their story. Everyone else can takes notes and also gather feedback. After the reader finishes, the reader is no longer allowed to talk and everyone discusses the piece referring the reader as “the author…”. They share their feedback to help the writer strengthen their writing. Then the next person would read their narratives.

I was very nervous at first because I had to read my story about myself. It was sharing a piece about me. How I perceived myself and how I want to shape myself to others. I heard my classmates and their stories and realized that actually, we had a lot more in common. Although we had different events, different characters, and different stories, we had a similar theme of “finding ourselves” and how our passions are developed.

#tryit #writing #narratives #whoareyoureally






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