Grace Upon Grace

The number twenty-five in the Bible symbolizes ‘grace upon grace.’ It is composed of 20 (meaning redemption) and five (grace) or grace multiplied (5 x 5).

This year is a year of Grace Upon Grace.

Today, I am 25 years old, which means I’ve officially lived 25 full years on this earth. I’m feeling very thankful and reflective today; looking at the 25th year (this past year) and how I went about my day to day life. How I’ve grown and changed. How I’ve failed and succeeded.

Well, that sounded SO cliche, am I right? 😃

To be honest, this year, long story short,  I’ve done some really DUMB stuff. Just flat out dumb, no excuses. I swear, this year has been an emotional rollercoaster, from last year September to now. Interestingly enough, last year on my birthday I spent it on a rollercoaster in NY. Is that prophetic or what :)? I’ve faced situations I’d never thought I would face. I’ve been both the antagonist and the protagonist. I’ve been in gray areas and a lot of uncertainty.

Though I’m still facing a lot of uncertainty, I’d say I’m coping with it alot better. I’m happy for the new relationships I’ve built that have helped me significantly along the way. Two of which I’ll mention – my supervisor who cared about my mental and spiritual health, and my career goals – and gave me opportunities to grow in that regard. And my brother who gave me in-person, face to face companionship and never judged me. I’m VERY much grateful for that.

This year is also a year for healing. In April 2016, I moved from Petworth to Bethesda. In the Bible, Bethesda represents healing. But it also means ‘house of mercy’ or ‘house of grace‘ (see, grace again!). ( Also, on that page it says it’s the fifth (5) chapter of John, and the pool was surrounded by five (5) colonnades. Thats 5×5 = 25 -> my current age as of today. Grace upon grace. I don’t believe in coincidences. This feels very real.

I do feel there are some emotional wounds that I need to be healed from. I believe in the Grace of God. By the time I leave Bethesda, I expect to be a happier, more wholesome person, through Jesus Christ.

This year I’ve accomplished the following:

– Successfully published a youtube video
– Successfully published and hosted podcast episodes
– Successfully wrote and published a book
– Joined a non-profit board and hosted an event
– Successfully published 2 marketing videos for an event
– Sang solos at church for the first time
– Built a small web application in node.js
– Trained over 100 people in a software

These are not necessarily accomplishments, but significant occurences

– Moved to a new location
– Bought a bass guitar
– Bought a macbook
– Bestie moved in with me
– Maternal grandmother died
– Took down my locs

This is what I want to accomplish in my 26th year on earth

– Grow as a seer & get deeper in Christ
– Start a tech blog for black ladies
– Start a US guide vlog & podcast for international students
– Cloud and company certs
– Minimalism

These are my plans. These are my expectations. I choose to have faith and keep my expectations high.

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