Grad School?

I’m in graduate school! Orientation was great! On my way to school, I happened to an uber pool with a new graduate student as well. The first week of graduate school was no joke. It was excitement, nervousness, adventure, knowledge all combined into one. If you are thinking to go to grad school or not, I would say think about this. The director of my program said this to us on the first day and it helps me think more about my path. She said, “why would you go to grad school?” Everything is free online. You can teach yourself, read up on the articles, or take online free courses. Why spend so much money in graduate school?” It is true, getting a master’s degree is indeed a lot of investment. Simply the answer is to make connections with classmates, professors, and to take the in-class discussions and knowledge and apply it to the real world.  After grad school, you should have a deeper understanding of your studies.


She also said, “students who are in graduate school come to enhance their career, start a career or change a career” and this was also intriguing. Because on this aspect, you should ask yourself where do you fall? I would say starting a career was mine. I wanted to learn how to do things in the professional world and to gain more hands-on experiences to help strengthen my skillsets. I also wanted to be more competitive in the work force. I wanted a time and space to process my experiences, knowledge and have more guidance in moving forward.


So as I am starting my journey, I encourage you to think about if grad school is an option for you or not. It is a lot of fun, especially you won’t know where you will in the next couple of years.


My guide to how to start your search for Graduate school.


  1. Think about what you are passionate about?
  2. What kinds of issues do you want to solve in the world?
  3. Are you a career starter, enhancer, or changer?
  4. Ask your closest friends and family if they know of any graduate programs or ask about what are your likes and dislikes to help you understand yourself more.
  5. Ask yourself do you want to go to school far away or near home?
  6. Research. Research. Research. Look into programs in your specific field.
  7. What do you want in your graduate program? What are your expectations? What do you want to gain out of it?
  8. Will this degree help you get to where you want to be? Will your investment be valuable?
  9. Find 3-5 graduate schools you are interested in and APPLY!
  10. Best of luck with your graduate school journey!



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