Orange Juice


“More orange juice?” I asked if she wanted more orange juice. I heard it is good for the body especially when one is sick. My friend is sick, in bed, and blowing her nose. Coughs are coming too. I prayed for her, hoping she will feel better soon. If you read this blog, please send us prayers for good health.

As she lay in bed, I didn’t know what to do. She had on a sick face, no smiles, no winking. It was serious. I began to worry. She has not been sick for a while now. Maybe it’s time to get sick, I convinced myself. I asked her how I can help? She said three things. I need tea, sleep, and food.


Her tea was made with lemon, ginger, honey and a pack of cold and flu tea.


This was a challenge. Tossing and turning, she opened her eyes. Blink. Blink. There was not enough sleep. She had a headache.


She ate watermelon, tons of purple grapes, some pineapple and drank Naked fruit shakes. I was able to make her some nice hot pho.


If you have a friend who is sick, make sure to take care of them. Pray. Get them what they need and be present. Encourage them to eat, sleep and drink water.

Here is a link to tips to cure colds and flu the natural way. I hope you find this helpful.

My own tips

  1. Take hot bath
  2. Use tiger balm for neck and forehead area
  3. Drink hot water or tea
  4. Sleep in comfortable bed
  5. Ask for body massage
  6. Boil eggs and roll it on the body, head, arms, and chest area
  7. Get as much sleep as possible
  8. Have hot soup or rice porridge
  9. Cover yourself with blanket to sweat off the sickness
  10. Try guasha



Short letter to a friend:


I wished I could take the pain away. I hope you feel better and that you can get well quickly. Although you have work, and countless action items, you strive and go above and beyond. I admire your hard work and dedication although you are not feeling well. Please make sure to take care of yourself and rest well. #prayingyougetwellsoon


Someone who prays for your health


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