Mother Lucilda Thompson

My  maternal grandmother died last month. I was right in the middle of teaching a class at work when I heard about it and lol it goes without saying that the class went downhill from there :). Her funeral is tomorrow (Aug 13) but unfortunately, I will not be there. One of my contributions in my absence was to write the eulogy.

Before I place the eulogy here, I just want to share one memory I have. Everyone else called her ‘mama’. I called her grandma because my mother said “She didn’t raise you, I did. She’s a grandma, so call her that”. That’s because my grandma was the one who raised most of my cousins, mainly because their parents (her children) did not have the means to do so. Essentially, they couldn’t afford to pay someone to watch their children while they were at work. My family, on the other hand, could afford a maid/help at home. I’m not saying this out of pride, it’s just the way it is.

As a child she would force me to eat, because she thought I was too skinny. After I came back from spending time in the US, I was 15lbs heavier. She asked me how was school and told me to keep up with my education. After I got a job and gained yet another 15lbs, she told me I look fat and asked me when am I getting married? I told her the time hasn’t come as yet. She said to keep my legs closed until it comes. 🙂 I loved her frank nature.

My grandma was very lively and fun. Everyone loved her. She brought energy into any room she walked in. However, she was very thin-skinned; easily perturbed and bothered by the slightest thing. No one is perfect though, one could turn it around to something positive and say she was very in touch with her emotions, which is a good thing :).

I loved her dearly because she was family. Without her I would not be here.


Mrs Lucilda Thompson, also known as Mother T, Mother Thompson or Mama T was born in Lodgie Green District, Clarendon  on October 14 1930 to parents Frank and Sarah Morgan. She spent her formative years as a student at Wilridge Elementary School.  In 1953 she met Standford Thompson and began their family. Mother The union produced seventeen (17) children, seven (7) of which died.  Mother Thompson spent majority of her life as an entrepreneur and a housewife.

Mother Thompson was somewhat theatrical.  She loved to sing and dance. Being a member of Low Woods Full Truth Church of God, she enjoyed participating in church plays. Even more so, she enjoyed going to church rallies. When it was time for any monetary donation, she would shout ‘Rally Rally Rally!”. In this regard, she was very charismatic and showed her enthusiasm for giving to God’s work by singing and encouraging others to give.

She was known in the community as a strict woman of God, and a disciplinarian among the young people – always encouraging them to stay in church and pay keen attention to the message. Ecclesiastes 5 vs 1 (KJV) says ‘Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of fools: for they consider not that they do evil.” She translated the literal meaning of that verse as she forbid the youth the leave their seats while the sermon was in progression. As soon as Mother Thompson started walking down the hill towards Low Woods Full Truth Church of God, the youth would scatter. She was a woman who led by example. She was a diligent follower of the word of God, and taught the youth to do the same by motivating them to the life they ought to live.

Mother Thompson always mentioned her husband in her speeches and she did not fail to let others know that through God and her lifelong partner in life, she was blessed with these wonderful children.

Mother Thompson was known as a compassionate person who was full of empathy. She easily shared the burdens of others. If you are sad, she is sad. If you are happy, she is happy. She cared about the wellbeing of others and would always try to relate to those around her. She was free-spirited and easy to talk to, however, once she made up her mind about something, there’s no one in the world who could change it. That simply goes to show that she was diligent in anything she did, and finished anything she started. She was a loving person with a warm spirit – you couldn’t help but love Mother T.

Mother Thompson left 5 grieving daughters namely: Rosalyn (Rose), Icilyn(Audrey) Hiolyn(Sheila), Beverly(Mummy), and Maxine.  Six sons namely: Green (Greene), Archibald Thompson(Archy – deceased), Reginald Thompson (Bigga), Ereal Thompson(Bro Nen), Donald Thompson (Budeye), and  Timmon Thompson(Son). 31 Grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.
Mother Thompson, your life has impacted many, and you will be greatly missed

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