You got TWO options!?


Interviews are intimidating sometimes, especially if it is a job that you do not have any experience in. People always say, apply anyways, you never know. You start to wonder, yeah… I really want to do this but I do not have the experience… or I really wanted to do that but I am not qualified. Yes… you do not have the qualifications, experience or knowledge but you can try anyway. Here I am heading to my interview and thinking to myself, darn I should have read more about the school or did more research but I am reassuring myself that I am going to do great. I AM GREAT!


I was given a chance today at getting a short-term employment at a high school. I had to do an interview. Education has always been on my mind, so I knew it was going to be a great place to work. As I walked to the school, I noticed the two security guards at the front of the desk. Nicely, they asked me who I was seeing and they knew instantly that I was there for an interview. He was a nice man and said “Look, you have two options. One, we can walk up two flights of stairs, or two, we take the elevators.” Like most of y’all who have been reading my blog know I just finished the #100kin10 challenge, steps are important. There I said to him, “we shall take the stairs”. The other man sitting in the chair started laughing and he said, “If it was me, I wouldn’t even say there is an option and just take her to the elevator.” It seemed as if the man who was leading me had made the wrong decision offering me the two options, but he was glad to walk me anyway. I told him I was using a Fitbit to track my steps and surprising he had on one too. He was just too lazy to walk and had been sitting in his chair all day.


He opened the door for me and introduced me to the nice ladies who were going to interview me. I felt like I was not as prepared for the interview but put on a smile on my face and said: “Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you.” I quickly looked around to see if I could learn more about the school. I was asking myself; are there words on the wall, pictures or things that I can relate to spark a conversation? The lady pulled me into another room and there I sat with the two of them.


During the interview, it became more of a conversation of “tell me about yourself, how you heard about the position, why do you want to work here and what are you nervous about as you take on this role”. I nailed most of the questions thanks to my AmeriCorps service this previous year. One question I was asked and it still made me think about it is, “If I opened your refrigerator what will I see?” I got stumped on this one. I replied, “Rice” and it made her smile. She said; let me rephrase it, “How would you arrange your food in your refrigerator?” I thought this was an interesting question because it can tell a recruiter about a person’s organizational skills.


My second interview was with another person. He too had asked me a lot of interesting questions. He said “this is a weird one, but “What are you most proud of? And you can take this question any way you like it.” I was not sure what he was expecting, but I told him about my study abroad experience and how that shaped who I am today. He went on to another question that had stumped me. “He said, “What did you notice when you walked into the school?” I was surprised because oddly that was what I was paying attention to. The walls, the colors, the smell and the environment to make sure that I would not get lost in a high school. The walls were just being painted as I can smell the new fresh paint, and when I went up the two flights of stairs, the walls were full of color and figures. It was creative and smart. It gave me a vibe that this high school was all about learning, creativity, and success.


Overall this interview went really well. I left with confidence to hearing back from them soon.

Interviews can be intimidating, but you can do it. Speak the best of your ability, share stories and examples, be interactive with the other person making sure that it is an engaging conversation, and have some laugh. It will be okay.


All the best to those who are looking for jobs and doing an interview. Shine like the stars and don’t be afraid to be yourself.



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  1. Interview can be scary and each time I go to one I feel like I don’t know how to say. Even when I prepare myself and study lots about the place, I get nervous and forget. Thanks for sharing your part, makes me feel like it’s ok to not know, and go for it.


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