Walk Challenge?!

Thank You, Friend. Recently a friend had sent me a tweet about a challenge. And I decided to DO IT!

The challenge is to WALK. Truppr, an app, is having an online event where people can participate to walk 10000 steps per day in ten days. You can download the app and share your steps by posting in the group. #100Kin10

It started July 28th until August 8th. It’s not too late to join. Get your 10000 steps in for the day.


My experience so far is great. It is motivating to see that others are sharing their steps. So why walk 10000 steps a day? Simple, it is good for you and keeps you healthy. But let me tell you, it is pretty challenging at first to get that 10000. But, with practice, quickly you will be surprised as to how quick each step adds up.

Today is day TWO of the challenge and it is going well. I just hit my 10000 steps for today.  I use a Fitbit to track my steps, but you can use other step trackers as well. I love my Fitbit and highly recommended if you are interested in tracking your sleep, steps, water, and exercise.



DAY 213672593_10202257081463991_439655724_n.jpg

Keep it up! You can do 10000 steps too!

I’ll keep you posted on the tenth day! Start moving! #walk #justdoit #justkeepwalking


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