Prayers Works

This blog is about prayers. Why Prayers? Because it matters.

Prayers often are looked upon as a simple action with little impact and useless. It’s just words after all. But NO! You are wrong. Prayers are power, confidence, hope and much, much more.

When I feel like I am having a hard day, or when I needed a guiding hand, or when someone I care about is going through something, prayers often come to mind. Prayers are one way to ease the worry, lessen the burden, and ask for help.

I ask that you see prayers in a different light. Because one of the strongest thing you can do for a friend is given a prayer. This week I am very grateful to have received four very strong prayers from people who care about me, given thoughts about me, or because they wanted the best for me. Prayers are filled with endless love, strong feelings, belief and a heart full of content and happy. You should give it a try.

At the end of the day, what matters the thought that you prayed and it will be answered, maybe not as soon as you thought but with persistence and patience, your prayers are not wasted efforts. It matters to have people pray for you. And as well as you pray for yourself. Have people pray for genuine love and care. Pray for believing and pray wholeheartedly. Prayers are strength and love and miracles.


#prayers #prayforafriend #prayforyourself #believe


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