Inspirational Little Red Book

My supervisor got me a little notebook as a gift and I carry around with me every day. I thought to myself how should I use it? It’s too little to takes notes, it’s too big to keep ideas in it, and simply too blank to do anything with it. Then I remember about an LT sharing her life in a bag story and it motivated me to keep a little journal on my own.


Side story: At work in the beginning of the year in order to build a family and get to know each other, each member has to bring in a bag and three items to share about their life. This was hard indeed because my life was more than just three things. Ha-ha. But anyways, one of our LT, she kept a little book where she wrote in it every day for up to 5 years. So on one page, she wrote a quote or something and the next year on the same day she would write on that same page and so on.


Back to the motivation piece, her book kept her grounded and I would like to start journaling. So every day to make it a habit, I would write about how I feel, write a quote, or just about anything to start my day. You should try it out and see what you wrote about last year. I am still in year one, so it’s going to take a while.


Here is my little book.


(Be Awesome Today YA)



5/24: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go” Someday I’m gonna travel the world and fly! Rise above and beyond!

6/12: Be grateful. “Gratefulness tends to ease the worry.” – one of my greatest friend

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