Keep Strong

Waves of emotions wash into her heart

Decisions and thoughts fight to the surface


Press it down she told herself

Hold it in, she told herself


Feelings of frustrations

Hardships, battles, miss, and admiration

Pours into her cup of tea


Often she makes sacrifices for others

Thoughts of her family slip in

Thoughts of her relatives weep in

Thoughts of her friends rushed in


What can she do?


Sleepless nights

Powerless nights

She keeps her persistence

Mediations ease the pain

Positive vibes awakens her


But the moment when her soul is uplift

The screams turn into laughter

The tears dry up

And her smile outshines the world


The stars light up the sky

As if the galaxies had united into one

The torch of fire

Fights endlessly

And shown her exactly what she needed


Her world is shaken

Her focus and dedication is on point

As if the lawn is mowed

And new grass seeds are planted

Waiting for it to grow beautifully


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