Praying for Better Days

Sometimes you think of the worst thing possible and it is actually going to come true. All you can do is hope and prayed that it would go away, but you come to an end. It is not going away. What do you do?


You had come across a situation where life had come to an end for someone you dearly love, or you did not get the job that you wanted, you find yourself way over your head for someone, and you dig yourself a grave of debt and thinking when will you ever solve all these loads of worries. Waves of stress, waves of heartaches, waves of tears.


An idealistic leader trait that I had gained this year was keeping my eyes on the prize. All of it is temporary. The sadness, the hardships, the bad are all going to go away as long as I keep my eyes on my prize. To seek a life I want for myself, to spread my wings and fly, to live boldly and daring is my prize.


Sometimes the bad is here to bring the good. The bad is here to challenge your strength. When I see my end, I fight against it. Bad day today, tomorrow is going to be a better one.


Prayer that I recently learned from a book.

“Lord, I’m weary and afraid. I need you to comfort me and be my security. Please help me rest with you. Hold me close and fill me with peace in the way only you can. I especially need you to…




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