Simple Life

I have been thinking a lot about life. What does it really mean for me? I sat in my bed the whole night pondering this deep question. As I was reflecting, one advice I always wanted to believe but hard to do is “live a simple life.”

A 50 something-year-old man told me, as he got older he didn’t have a sense of care anymore. It made life easy. No more battles, no more anger, no more anything. He felt free. Making things simply black and white really help with simplicity and happiness. But others can argue that having a simple life can also mean boring. It can be, but doesn’t it make sense to know what is clearly right and wrong? To have apple juice instead of coke or beer? Stop being irrational and indecisive? Cut drama and complications? 

Maybe it is because I am still young. I am searching for the answers to leading a more productive, carefree and full life. But I do also realize that life cannot be all about rainbows and blue skies. After all, we only do have one life to live. We may have many lives, but the one we only know is the one now. This piece is kind of a downer, but really think about it? I don’t understand why? Why do some people put themselves in the position they do? Is it really because of sacrifice, love, vulnerability? How does one pick themselves and move along? Even if sometimes the factors are not in their hands, can they challenge change? Sometimes I do wish I can live a more carefree life. Maybe the answers lie in our life journey. Maybe it is the wrong choices to reach the right. Or just learn more about yourself?

What does life mean for you?

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