Time Management!

People don’t often think of time management as a skill. But it is! A very important one indeed. Some people usually think about what they need to do in a day, not so much how many hours it requires them to do something. I’ll say most people learn how to manage their time in college, some people learn it after entering the workforce and some still have not learned it or have poor time management skills. But I encourage you to start thinking about it.

Time management is important in that it trickles down into every aspect of your life, whether that is family, work, sleep, and leisure time. Everyone only has 24 hours a day. How do you spend your time? Think about how many hours you have to work? Have to sleep? Have to make everyone you love feel happy? Family time? So it is crucial that you have a work-life balance as well as time for yourself. You need time to take care of your needs like sleep, shower, eat and also time to be with others and hang out.

At work when I head in the morning, I like to plan out my tasks. What I need to do, what to prioritize and what must be done. But how to be efficient and work smart, I think about what can be done first, which task has the shortest amount of time require and which ones are more time-consuming. Being efficient at work is one that many companies strive as an expectation and so making sure you are on top of your game is the way to go.


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