It’s that time of year again where friends and family are posting on Facebook, and it reminded you of all the bittersweet feelings you had when everything was coming to an end. I remember feeling happy and sad when I graduated from college because I was moving to the next chapter of my life. I was also feeling really proud that I did it! College was truly an experience that changed my life. I would not have met all the amazing, smart, fun, and life friends. But I was feeling sad because it was ending. My lifestyle was no longer the same. My school was officially ending. 4 years of College went by so quick, I would do it again.

Today, I wanted to say Congrats to those who are graduating from High School and College. It truly is a happy moment to watch graduates walked across the stage and to feel accomplished with them that they made it after years of hard work, studying, and growing.

This weekend I watched about 900 high school seniors come from 25 schools to celebrate their two years of success in my workplace. It was touching and enlightening. They speak of their accomplishment, their dreams and being grateful. I was once in their shoes and remember feeling like “THIS IS IT” I am a big kid now. Life is going to change for me. I get to decide what happens next. I get to chase my dreams and I get to embrace what I have. IT’S TIME!” I was fortunate enough to have someone who believed in me, someone who mentor me, guided me and paved a path for the next four years of my life. My first life changer! Thank you.

So seniors! Congrats! I hope all is well and that you will go and conquer college or plans after high school! I hope you will discover who you are, learn more about yourself and others, and start your journey to a long life of success, smart work, and happiness. I’m so excited for you!

#youdidit #congrats #graduation

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