Comics and doodles

Well, I guess it’s a throwback in a way.

I believe it was 2008 when I dived into the wonderful world of comics.

And I’m not talking about the traditional comics like Marvel. I’m talking about web comics.

I mean, as a child I’d read the comics section in the newspaper every single Sunday. It was the best. I’d even do the sudoku and “attempt” the fill-in-the-blanks crosswords (not to mention, now I do love those types of crossword puzzles too). Hey I even wanted to make my own comic. I remember in first year of college I doodled a page of what I thought would be the best comic ever. Then I realized I can’t draw. And that my written words are not even remotely funny. So I left it to the pros. For now.

Here are a few of what I can remember being really into. May I forever keep adding to the list.

  1. Questionable Content –
  2. Girls with Slingshots –
  3. The Dreamland Chronicles –
  4. But You’re like Really Pretty – Not a comic, but hilarious pop culture satire images at it’s BEST. –
  5. The Superest –
  6. XKCD –
  7. The Meek Comic –
  8. Calvin and Hobbes – traditional comic. But man it’s good.
  9. Gunnerkrigg Court –

What are your fav comics? Any recommendations for web comics?

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