It’s a Beautiful Day

Coming from a more traditional family, marrying outside one’s race was not considered acceptable. Or talked about because no one in the family had talked about bi-racial marriages.  Especially one can argue that my ethnic group is dying and marrying outside the race can lead to a higher percentage of having a divorce. But No! Personally, I believe that marriage should be with whoever they loved, despite their race, gender, differences, and religion. It’s truly a battle that proves that love can exist between two very different people.


Today I was able to see two very different people get married. It was such a beautiful day. The weather was just right, not burning hot, but sunny and nice. The house was filled with guests, cameras, and smiles. I had the honor to see and witness the two households becoming one. It was a magical moment. The parents from both sides made a speech. It was quite emotional. Everyone was quiet and paid closed attention. I listened to every word and felted heartwarming.

The day ended with a smile and a heart of happiness. The bride and the groom had many differences in culture, religion, background, and ethnic, but they still were able to be a happy couple. I saw the love they each had for each other and did not need words to express it. They had each other, and a whole new exciting life ahead of them. I was overjoyed.

Overall, I was really impressed with the wedding ceremony, and especially with the parents of both sides. I greatly admire the willingness to be open, accepting and loving from the parents. The parents were not against it, or angry but had open arms to had another son or daughter to the family. I hoped more families are like this when it comes to marrying outside one race or ethnic group. It’s all about willing to work together, maintain a loving and healthy relationship and being one.

Today is the day when two people who are madly in love and have committed their entire lives to accompany and share with each other. It was just beautiful.
#happycouple #freetolove #probi-racial #goparents #beaccepting

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