To all the First Gen!



Hi first generations students, this one is for you!

I am a first generation student whose parents are refugees of war

Living in America was not easy for them

Nor for me

I struggled to understand the push and pull factors of my family

One being go to college and the other being you have family demands and obligations

Choose one. 

We struggled as the “new Americans”

To fit in and navigate the systems that had been put in place before us

Thinking getting a college degree meant we had an American dream or can achieve one

And then not realizing we truly need to be advocates for ourselves

No one taught us that

Taught us how to think critically

Taught us what financial aid look like

Taught us to be academically prepared and ready

Taught us to voice our thoughts and opinions

People doubted us, even our families

As some families are practical and money drove

Others had more understanding and supportive

I had two separate identities

One for the family and one for school

No one understood what college meant to my family

How hard it was to not be able to ask mom and dad to revise my papers

How they could not understand what I was studying

But deep down I knew my passions

I knew gaining soft skills were more important

I knew

I too can do it!

So, Hi-five First Gen!

You are awesome!

Maybe someone told you or has not told you

But you truly are amazing for all the challenges and hard work. It will pay off.

Go First Gen Go! I’m First!




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