My experience with Caribbean Airlines

So, it was early March, and I just got done soaking up some sun, eating the good food and receiving some familial love n Jamaica for 2 weeks. It’s about 10pm at night and I hear the lady bellow over the speakers that the flight to New York with Caribbean Airlines is gonna be delayed for another 40 mins. Mind you, we should have left at 7pm.



Not only that, but that was the FOURTH announcement of the night broadcasting repeated delays. It’s like being promised a Christmas present but that one mean cousin keeps taking it from you as soon as you stretch to open it.

Now, of course my first thought is that the situation could have been worse. It could have been an overnight flight (gasp, that’s the worst). It could have been stuck in a snowstorm with a broken leg and no one in sight. Or, I could have been dangling from the mouth of a shark screaming for dear life.

But regardless of all that, trust me that I was irate that night when my flight was delayed for 3 hours. Like a spoiled brat. AND I was hungry. But nah, I kept my cool.

So we board the plane and a grandma sits beside me. She had a funky smell. She was friendly though. So we sit tight for maybe 20mins before we leave. The flight attendants were nice enough, beautiful people actually. They were appealing to the eye. Their friendly-less was no different from the usual. My seating area smelled okay, which is good. The seat itself was at a normal level of comfort, nothing to write home about. I don’t usually use Wi-fi on short trips, so I can’t say much about that. I try to sleep. Halfway through the flight, there was something distracting me. What was that??

Seriously? What is that smell?

I look to the front and they are serving, yep you guessed it, FOOD. I can’t believe it. Food for a 3.5 hour flight. Food for a hungry irate island girl. Food, food, food, and my insides were suddenly leaping for joy.

I couldn’t devour it fast enough. Grandma only had coffee and I wished I had her share too.

The last time I remember having food on a plane for such short flight was way back in 2000 when Air Jamaica was in business. Back when food on planes was a commonality. (Weird to think that was 15 years ago, how old am I?!?!)

But I wondered, was this compensation for the delay, or do they actually do that for Caribbean airline companies servicing such short trips?

So after that hot meal of beef and mash potatoes, roll and veggies, I knocked out and we landed safely in NY.  So in short, no, I wouldn’t fly with them again, but if I had no other choice (and my pockets are extremely shallow) I wouldn’t be totally unhappy flying with them.

2.5 outta 5 stars.


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