Hiking up the Yellow Mountains 黄山


They didn’t tell you about the hundreds of steps you will be walking up when you arrive halfway in the middle of the YELLOW MOUNTAIN in China. I have never gone hiking in the mountains, so when I think of mountains, I think of the abundance of trees, the smell of dirt and the comfort of my sturdy shoes but this mountain for the sake of safety, had man-made stairs. As I walked up the mountain, what was intriguing was the number of people, the women wearing high heels, families holding their babies, these local workers carrying tons of food products on their shoulder up the mountain, and the line of each individual as they wait for their turn to take the next step. I have never imagined my mountain experience to be like this. It was one of a kind adventure.


My classmates and I went to the Yellow Mountains on a rainy day in July. Little did we know, we were going to have what we called the “Huang Shan Shake.” A term we use for the after effect of my legs literally shaking in pain from constantly walking down from hundreds of steps. What was a memorable event was being almost electrocuted from the lighting, feeling the heavy wind blowing our thin raincoats away, being told the lifts were cancel so we had to walk down the mountain for another two hours, stopping along the way waiting it out for the weather to get better? I jumped in the rain, feeling the coldness rush through me as we get closer to the top of the mountain and raising my voice asking which directions to go. Although it was a rainy day to see such a beautiful mountain, I still manage to experience what they call the YELLOW MOUNTAINS.


Sometimes you go on a trip thinking one thing and leaving with another. It’s time to go on another adventure.


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