What Kind of Dream is This?

My lungs inflated

And deflated

My heart beat faster and faster

I sat there on the chair wishing and praying real hard

I wanted to believe…

I focused all my energy on my one prayer

Please….. Please….

I believed.

I knew…

The lady at the front desk asked me, ma’am, are you alright?

I sat there shaking my head

She saw the look in my eyes

As I waiting for someone

I did not know who.

I had a lot of hope left

My energy was slowly increasing


I felt like my life was being taken away

My soul had come out of me and flew away



I woke up! Yawn….

What a weird dream

I wonder and ponder what my dream was about

Whether the news was going to be good or bad

If what I felt was real


I wonder…..


Have you ever had weird dreams where you wake up and were like what the heck? What kind of dream is this? It felt incomplete. What was the point?

#weirdpoemwednesday #poemstory