Weird Poem

Weird Poem kind of day


The night sky
Deeply and as dark as underwater
The sky light up as if the floating lights ceremonies in movie tangled
Never seen such a beautiful sight
The night sky

The wonderful smiles of the star
Shines the brightest as they can
As My little boat swims across
Paddling through the clouds and bunch of floating air
I couldn’t help but smile with it

My heart is content
The very sight of the night sky was nothing liked I imagine
It was as if a miracle was frozen through time and I get to see it in slow motion
The night sky

Isn’t the water ripples as sparkly as the little dots of a masterpiece
I asked myself
It’s it just BEAUTIFULLY painted

My little boat moves further and further down the padded of clouds
I sat there thinking how many more painting
How many more sky?

Will my boat sink and float on the surface
Will I be able to touch the little lights smiling at me
I reach my hands out

Haven’t written a poem for a while? Try it even if it’s a weird poem. #weirdPoem not wisdomwed #aintitbeautiful

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