Growing Up

Who says we have to grow up?

Sometimes I smile simply because I can still be me and not have to think about being an adult

Sometimes I can relax and not have to worry about my future

Sometimes I wonder how can I spend today any better than chillaxing

Sometimes I do not have to grow up


My childhood is better than I had to imagine

I had my friends, my family, my backyard, kickball, my movies and all the laughter

Being a kid makes me happy for days I desperately need it


Being an adult is hard. We have many responsibilities and duty that it does not allow us to be the person we want to be. Take a day rest and be a kid.


Sometimes I envy them because they do not have to worry about paying bills, getting a job, stressed out about failing in life and simply they are carefree. They do not realize their own freedom. And this is why I am a kid sometimes.


How to be a kid?


My three things about how I can be a kid.

  1. Relive your most memorable and fun childhood moment either with self or friends/family
  2. Choose a nearby park and hang out. Play tag, run, sit on the swing, ride a bike and smile.
  3. Make life simple. Live in the moment.


Want to give adulthood a break for a day? Try it!


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