Listen to the Elders

I was pressured into going to a conference that I did not want to but every conference I always took away some thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. I wanted to share with you that when you meet others who are older, wiser, they always have words to keep you thinking. I was privileged to attend a conference to learn about being successful and opportunity. There was a man there. He is probably around 60 or so closed to retirement but, because he loved his job so much he decided not to retire. He loves giving the informational and motivational speech. I wanted to share three things with you.

One thing he said was “tell the truth” because if you do you do not need a memory. This is true if you say everything like it is, then every time someone asks, the story will always be the same and you do not have to remember, naturally, it’s all there.

Second thing is that he had asked the audience, “What do you want to leave behind?” He had put a lot of time into how he wants people to remember him and what he wants to leave behind to his family and friends. I thought this was an interesting question because I’m so young and to start a legacy at this age can be very challenging when I still have a long life of uncertainty. He made me realized I do have the power, to really make impacts to those around me, express more love and kindness to my family and friends and to show appreciation and help when I can. This I can do.

Finally, the third thing is “What does being rich mean to you?” He told a real-life story of a woman. Short story, If the women can make $300 more, it meant that she is rich. A single mother who falls short $300 every month, took odd jobs to pay her bills and make ends meet, having $300 more would mean she is rich. She was motivated, took her opportunities and was able to make that money. This made me thought about what being rich meant for me. It was definitely not an easy answer.

Other take away:

“People are always looking for opportunities, and when the opportunities comes,take a chance.”

“Leave a legacy.”

“Everything is about time, to have heart, to be coach-able, to be patient and listen.”

“Turn your beliefs into action.”

“ A whole society might perish because of the lack of knowledge.”

“A person who have great character will have to ability to determine who they want to be because everything is about a person’s character.”

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