Guest Blog: Get Artzy

“The reason I draw is because of people like you” –Emily

This was taken from a thank you card that I received recently from a 6th grader. I have never imagined that such a card can bring me so much joy. In January I taught two short 30 minute digital anime drawing class. It was more of a demonstration, but overall it was focused on how to draw a ‘chibi’ and anime faces. In all my years, this compliment touched me the most, because it was one that I kept me going.  I went through Art College and mentored at a recreation center for almost two years and sometimes I wonder if I am even making a difference in my community.

Today I recommend you to sit down with kids, family, friends, or even by yourself and JUST DRAW.

Growing up, there is a lack in art resources for youth, and I taught myself how to draw at a young age. To educate another student about art was hard, but at the same time it was self-reflective for me to experience. I never thought that someday this would come, because I always felt like in my art journey, I was never good enough. Although it was challenging, I knew to never give up because it’s something that I am passionate about. Anime and manga are two main influences in my art. Therefore with this particular art style I decided to focus on children illustrations in college.

Overall, drawing isn’t about what style I have or the art that I make, as long as I was proud of it and appreciate it. As I grew older, I see less of what my art is worth, so when I teach others and receive wonderful feedbacks, it’s these comments that inspire and motivate me to keep going, because not everyone gets it. But when the one person that clicks with you understands, that is why you do it. So I wanted to share a little piece of this to you, that no matter what you do in life, your profession, career, etc…remember to step back and take in the good that what you are doing now is affecting the next generation, and you are a role model to them.  One thing that makes me happy is how others see my arts. In their eyes, I was amazing, just that “little smile, or reaction to the finished piece” impact me and pushes to produce more artwork.

What are some good things people say to you? What keeps you going when pursuing your passions/dreams?

Here are some pictures of the thank you cards.




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