New Jersey: BakedBouquet

Imagine this! A bouquet of flowers made out of cupcakes! Have you heard of this?

“Delicious, crafty, special and great gift!” – Sana



I had the pleasure to visit BakedBouquet this summer in New Jersey. This little shop on 534 Bloomfield Ave is magical. Ranging from a variety of colors like blue to red flowers, I was amazed at how beautiful each and every cupcake is made. All the cupcakes arranged neatly in a vase made it a very special gift.

Q: Which one is your favorite?

A: My favorites are the American Beauty and the Amber Blush.

It just feels my heart with love, joy and a day of smiles.




Q: What do you like about BakedBouquet?

A: They are a local, fresh and inspiring place with a new concept of bakery florist.

Q: Are the cupcakes really that good?

A: Yes! Chocolate cupcakes with rich buttercream frostings are my faves. They also have gluten-free creations. YUM YUM YUM


If you are in the neighborhood, highly recommended to check out


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Review by Sana A.


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