Being Thankful

Sometimes I forget what it means to be thankful

What it takes to be reminded

How it feels to just be


Thankful comes in many forms

A memory can spark this warm fuzzy feeling reminding you

Why things to be the way they are

How many people helped you on the way?

It can be a friend letting you know how much you mean to them

Or someone doing an act of kindness like washing your dishes


Being thankful isn’t just a one sided feeling

You have to express it back to let the other person know

how thankful you feel

embrace your feelings and transfer it over so they can feel what you feel

– S


I am thankful for all my beautiful and amazing friends I had made

Thankful for having each one in my life

I am thankful for a helping and supportive family

I am thankful for all the smiles and laughter each day

I am thankful for my opportunities and the people who saw potential in me

Thankful for everyone who taught me, changed me, encouraged me, and helped me

Thank you for everything.



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