No heat no water / Happy Presidents day

Today is an interesting day. First of all, it’s presidents day – a federal holiday established in 1855 in honor of President George Washington. If you would like more information on the history of presidents day, click here.

On an unrelated note, my pipes have frozen and therefore there is not a sip of water in the house. In addition to that my heater died and so I also have no heat. Doesn’t help that I live in a basement which is naturally colder than the rest of the house on the account that it is underground.
However I’ve things to do and regardless of circumstances beyond my control they must get done somehow. A friend suggested that I get a gallon of water and a small heater and a bucket to satisfy my needs for a while until the water comes back.

It’s interesting though 😊 it reminds me of back home in Jamaica when the hurricanes would hit and we would be without water & electricity for two weeks, that was fun and interesting.

This isn’t an extremely motivational post but my motivation for today is that life could be a whole lot worse than it is. I’m grateful for the small things life being able to walk and talk. And things like being able to afford gallon of water and a small heater.

Have a happy presidents day!

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