Guest Blogger: Loving You


Today is Valentine’s Day, or a day of love. Love comes in many forms, so take a moment today from your busy schedule and thank or say ‘I love you’ to your parents, siblings, friends, co­workers and soul mate. Because no matter what life you have, your relationships shape your life. So remind them of why you love them and what you appreciate most about them because you care and they should know. Let all the positive good energy that you have, and pass it onto the next person so that you can start anew and be open. And remember to love yourself and remind yourself of what makes you amazing, rather it be your talent, career, personality, etc… So no matter what it is, take a moment to breath in the things that you have in your life and thank them for it. Valentine’s day for me is about remembering why you have love and why it’s important to pass it onto the next person, so it’s about finding your own definition of it. So today, spend it wisely with a few words of love and encouragement.

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