Second attempt to spoken word unstructured poetry

It all started one night

I sat at the edge of my bed with my big fluffy dark forest green blanket

all wrapped around me and I glanced at the my phone and at the time

and I looked at the mirror hanged across my room, and I sat there


I sat in silence and lay my body on the bed



thinking about what life had given me

about the times I had so much laughter in my life

about how I was raised in a big family and we all had to use the bathroom at the same time so we can be ready for school

about when I had physical fight with my sister and had stuck gum in her hair

about skipping my class just to get more hours of sleep

and holding my baby niece for the very first time

about my uncertain future and what is going to happen next year

about what could possibly go wrong and if my mind was in the right place

there were so many thoughts lingering in my mind

I did not know which one was valuable

what thought came from where and how I lay there


Sometimes they say….over thinking can make your brain hurts

and it’s true, I tell you this because it has a lot of uncertainty and what if

but if you can just focus on what is in front of you

what is meaningful and important

and keep them eyes on the prize it will get you through


#hanginthere #thoseoverthinkingdays #staystrong


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