Get MOTIVATED to do Laundry!




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I sat there in a pile of warm washed clothes that I had just taken out of the dryer

The smell of the detergent quickly filled the room

And I lay there thinking, isn’t it nice to have a day like this

Nice and cleaned clothes to be hanged and folded

Wrapped me in my bed sheets and kicked the towels to the side to make room

Grab your laundry basket; start picking up the pile of clothes you left in the corner and on the bed

Clothes you are unsure about whether you worn it or not, put it in the basket

And the pillow cases too


It feels nice to do laundry and to have it checked off on my list to do

I got up and started tossing the clothes into different piles.

Shirts in one, pants in one, socks in one, tank tops in another

I folded each one nicely and fitted into my closet, hanging the sweaters and dresses

Wa laa~ this closet is set. My week is set.

No more worries about what to wear, or I have not washed that one shirt that I wanted to wear

So get started on your laundry. Pop it in and kill an hour by watching YouTube video will do too; as soon as you know it, your clothes are nicely cleaned.

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