Feeling of “Feeling ALIVE”

Have you ever just walked down the street heading home, knowing that you did something great today and you just feel so accomplished.

The feeling you kick a** and nobody could stop you

The sun shines right on your face and you stare right back at the blue sky

You walked slowly and picking up your two feet, your body feels lighter, and there were no burden left to be carried

The more you breathe in, the more warmth and satisfaction you get.

The more you think about it, the more you smile.

Sometimes I get frustrated with how my life is so full of bad, and no matter how many battles I fought, it was never-ending. 

I feel overwhelmed that things never got to be how I wanted it, how I choose it to be

I questioned myself what does it really mean to be alive?

But there are days like today where I just walked down the sidewalk and breathe

The feelings of happiness, content, and excitement were all mixed in one

and every breath was full of a sense of achievement

Today, GOD was good to me!

I get to say “I’m alive!” and “I did it!”

I get to share the love and sleep with a smile on my face

I get to be thankful and wish that every day I was feeling alive



My attempt at spoken word #spokenword #poetry.

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